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UMass Old Chapel

The Chapel at UMass Amherst is the oldest and most historic structure on campus. Previously serving as the first campus library and later home to the marching band, it has been out of service for many years. The Feasibility Study identifies suitable programming to serve the modern campus while respecting its historical significance, classical architecture and prominent location within the campus landscape. The Study investigates renovation scenarios to create a museum component celebrating the campus and Chapel history in conjunction with a vibrant community center and performance space. The landscape renovation engages the new programming to the greater landscape providing break out spaces, terraces, integrated ADA accessibility and service. Capitalizing on existing circulation patterns and views to the iconic campus pond, the Study proposes options to re-integrate the defunct Chapel back into the daily campus life.

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
Team: Arup Engineering, EYP Architects
Phase: Feasibility Study


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