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Paving + benches

Rockefeller Hall

The renovation of Rockefeller Hall at Harvard’s Divinity School was an opportunity to reinvent the landscape within this remote corner of the campus. The landscape design replaced a 1.5 acre parking lot with a formal central green flanked by a bioswale and native plantings to create an edge to the new campus. Spaces around the building were redeveloped as an outdoor cafeteria, garden terrace, and contemplative garden centered around a stone labyrinth. ADA accessibility was achieved gracefully through integrated ramp systems and the landscape was restored with native vegetation while a bioswale, porous pavers, and a subsurface leaching system maximize on site stormwater treatment.

Work completed while with Stephen Stimson Associates
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Architect: Venturi, Scott and Brown Architects
Role: James Royce, Project Manager, Lynne Giesecke, Construction Administration
Phase: Completed in 2008
Awards: BSLA Merit Award 2009, Certified LEED Gold


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