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Clearbrook Recycling

This industrial site in the Bush Terminal area of Brooklyn is part of New York City’s Sunset Park Waterfront Visioning area. The City’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) had identified the broad goals of the Waterfront to provide greater greenspace, pedestrian and bike connections between the waterfront amenities and the parks within Brooklyn while maintaining a viable industrial economy as is historic to this section of waterfront. 

The Clearbrook Recycling Facility is a grease recycling plant located within the floodplain. Landforms on the ocean side provide protection to the site while allowing greater soil depths for shade trees framing the public pathways along the water. Site stormwater is director to infiltration areas on the edges of parking areas and native, salt tolerant grasses soften the required expanses of hardscape in the unique industrial landscape.

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Architect: RODE Architects
Phase: Design Development   


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